Success Factors

chartThe Success Factors for Nine 14 will primarily focus on being more nimble and agile with our customer and developing the relationship from a satisfied customer to customer evangelist. Unlike our bigger competitors, we are not limited with our customer relationships in understanding what clients really want and need. Our critical catalyst for this success will be made evident from the dedication of the great people that make up our team.

-We have the flexibility to listen and create/innovate what the customer wants.

-Deliver faster, solicit feedback, monitor, and reevaluate.

-We have the capability to attain customer intimacy and trust as we perform work shoulder to shoulder with our customer.

-Our product /service will have better quality and be easier to use because the customer will have a stake in its innovation.

-We have the determination not only to accomplish customer satisfaction but to also trigger feedback such as “This is a great product, this is a great service, and this is a great company”.